5 Surprising Foods That Can Be Stored For Years

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5 Surprising Foods That Can Be Stored Long-Term

By Beth McCall

When it comes to preparedness, food should be one of our top priorities. Stockpiling food is an option, but many people worry about the shelf life of certain products.

There are many foods out there that will last a long time, and some of those foods may surprise you.

1. Eggs

Eggs can be preserved in a way where they will be kept for as long as you need them. Dehydrating eggs is a possibility when looking for long-term egg storage. Dehydrating the eggs and sealing them airtight will allow them to last for years without any problems. All you have to do is dehydrate and store in an airtight container.

To dehydrate eggs, you will want to put fruit leather trays in your dehydrator. Next you will want to crack open your eggs and whisk them together. Make sure that you break the yolks up well…

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Reprove the Reprovable

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Proverbs 9:8 

“Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.”

A Little Irony

In one way it seems counter-intuitive to be told not to reprove someone, but that is exactly what Solomon is saying. Some people refuse to be corrected.

It not only seems counter-intuitive, but ironic. Why would the “wise man” need to be rebuked? Shouldn’t we be rebuking the fool? It’s almost crazy, isn’t it? Don’t correct the fool, but do correct the wise: maybe we should dig into this a little further.

The Scorner

Let’s think about the scorner for a moment. Gesenius described the scorner as one who derides and mocks, maybe even by “imitating [the reprover's] voice in sport.” In other words, the scorner could be thought of as someone who, when corrected, comes back with a “nah nah nah nah boo boo, I can’t…

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Chicken House Update

Work on building the chicks a house is slow-going since my Dad is the “architect” and “head contractor” of the project and he is a very busy fellow. But, quite a bit was accomplished last Saturday for the three hours he and Hubs were able to work on it.

Dad n Joey working

joey sawing

some of the chicks checking out the progress of construction

some of the chicks checking out the progress of construction

needing a roof and slats

Odd looking little house isn’t it? It is actually going to be quite practical. In the picture above you are looking through the front door (not up yet) to the smaller back door. The chicks will go out their back door of the mornings straight into their run. Up next, this home needs a roof and roosting slats! I cannot wait for it to be done!

What do you think?

Canning Peaches

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

My mom gave me 8 peaches on Saturday, and Beauty and I decided to home-can them.

It is super easy to can peaches, so if you have never ventured into canning and are interested but don’t know where to begin, this is where to start.

You really only need three ingredients. That’s right, three! (I added a couple ingredients, but they really aren’t necessary)


*clean, sterilized, hot jars: either pint or quart, depending upon your preference

*Jar lids or rings

*A water bath canner or pot big enough to hold your jars, without the jars touching



*additional pots and pans

*could also have gadgets to lower/remove jars from canner and something with which to remove your lids from hot water. I just wing it with whatever I have handy, usually a potholder and a fork :)





cinnamon (optional)

vanilla extract (optional)


 1. “Cook” whole peaches in boiling water for about five minutes. Remove from boiling water and place in cold water.

2. I usually place my clean jars in the oven at about 200 degrees for extra sterilization at this time. Also, put your lids in a pan of hot water. Start heating water in your large canning pot, enough water to go up at least 2 inches after you add your jars (later). Add your jar lids to a pan of hot water.

3. Make your syrup. I dissolve 2 cups of sugar in one quart of water. After the sugar is dissolved, I added 1 tsp cinnamon and 1tsp vanilla. Once cinnamon is dissolved turn back the heat and keep warm.

4. Peel, pit and slice peaches.

5. Add peaches to hot jars.

6. Using a ladle and funnel, add the syrup to the hot jars of peaches.

7. Wipe clean rims of jars. Add lids, hand tightening the rings.

8. Remember the large pot of boiling water from step 2? Add jars to it now. Process pints 25 minutes and quarts 30 minutes.

For instructions on a hot water bath, check out simplycanning.com

My eight peaches made 1 quart and 2 pints.


Men…How Are You Treating Your Wives?


There is always so much talk in the blogging world about a wife’s submission to her husband (which is obviously important and necessary), but sometimes the fellas get left out. Unfortunately, too many husbands of women who strive to be Godly wives, “lord” their headship over them. Here is a good reminder of what God commands husbands to do. It is a grave responsibility belonging to the husband, and he is held accountable to Jesus Christ. His duty should not be taken lightly, by himself or his wife.

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487957_147969525378395_1459440054_n1 Peter 3.7 Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.

Men have a responsibility and duty to take care of their wives with honor and respect. He must treat the wife as a weaker vessel insomuch as she needs protecting and guiding.

He must be submissive not to her, but to her needs, taking care of her in any way she needs taking care of.

The two of them share in the grace of life, which is their marriage: God’s next best thing to heaven on earth.

His duty is to treat her as Christ treats the church. He must submit his life to making her happy by fulfilling her needs, calming her fears, listening to her concerns and…

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Emergency Preparedness

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It seems emergency preparedness and survival skills are a hot topic right now. One does not have to be a prophecy watcher (as I am, thus the tag verse to this blog) to see that the world is on the edge of a cliff and things are about to drastically change. A friend and I were discussing it over Facebook just the other day. Today, she sent me a note asking what I personally think one should stock up on….just in case. In considering my response to her, I thought perhaps it would make for a good blog post, so here it goes.

What do I think a good stockpile for emergencies would include?

I’ve divided my own list into four main categories: Food Stuff, Hygiene & Personal Care, Survival Supplies and Health & First Aid.

These categories provide a basic outline when considering what you want to have on hand when (not if) the economy collapses or another catastrophic event happens. Each family is going to require or prefer different stuff based upon their needs and location. The following are mere suggestions:

Food Stuff is pretty self-explanatory. We want to have as much food as possible that has an extended shelf-life. I say shelf-life because you want stuff canned or dried-not frozen. If the power goes out for an extended period, frozen foods must be eaten quickly or they are useless. Some good options are of course canned fruits, veggies, meat as well as beans, rice, nuts, peanut butter etc. You also want to make sure you will have plenty of water on hand, both for drinking, preparing food and hygiene. I thank God we have an outdoor pump connected to an underground spring and that the water is drinkable! As you know, I am also dedicated to canning as much of our food as possible. Note: don’t forget your pets’ food as well!

Hygiene and Personal Care would include things like toilet paper, soap, deoderant, toothpaste and brushes, shampoo, lotion, feminine products, cotton balls etc.

Health and First Aid is also self explanatory. Medicines, bandages, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, neosporin, vitamins-and don’t forget to have both adult and children versions.

Survival Supplies pretty much encompasses everything else you might possibly need in case of an extended power outage or inability to get to a store. Paper towels, trash bags, flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, gasoline, a generator (perhaps), some way of cooking food, such as a propane camping stove or fire pit, aluminum foil, buckets, tarps, blankets, knives, fire extinguisher, weapons for both protection and hunting (if need be), charcoal, wood, pots, pans, shovel, tape, kerosene, kerosene lamps, scissors, staple gun and staples, hand saws, manual screwdriver, hammer, screws and nails………the list goes on and on!

There are some really good sites out there devoted entirely to survival prep and skills. One I follow in my reader is The Survival Place Blog. They pretty much cover everything.

Whether you face a collapsed economy where items are too expensive or the stores are emptied or the dollar is worth less than the dirt on the bottom of your shoe; whether there is an EMP attack and the grid goes down, or “just” a natural disaster or seasonal storm where you may be home bound (with power or not) for a week or so; It is a good idea to have some kind of stockpile ready. Be prepared. Yes, we need to trust God to supply our needs, but He says in Proverbs that a prudent person foresees danger and is prepared.

Of course, the most important thing to prepare for is your eternal security. If you already have an intimate relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ, keep Him close. Your Bible will see you through the toughest times, offering encouragement, wisdom and guidance. If you don’t know Jesus-what are you waiting for? He stands at the door and knocks, open the door. It’ll be a lot more difficult once this world turns upside down, so why not do it now?

Things are getting bad, and they will likely only get worse. Are you ready?



Rolling with Depression

I am sitting at my desk enjoying the beauty of the surprise my husband brought home to me last night:

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

This was for no particular reason other than he knew I was feeling a little down.

While considering the reason for this unexpected gift, I began considering what can be a controversial subject in the Christian community. Depression.

Google images

Google images

I am talking about real depression.

Sometimes the word depression gets thrown around as a general description of unhappiness caused by our own sinful and selfish choices and attitudes. Let’s face it, all of us are guilty of wanting to indulge in a good, old-fashioned “pity party”.  We get “depressed” because our house isn’t as nice as the neighbors’, or because we can’t afford a weekly cleaning service like our friends can, or because our husband always leaves his shoes in the middle of the floor….The list goes on and on. 

We must be deliberate in our thoughts and attitudes.  Much of our so-called “depression” is nothing more than a reflection of an ungrateful, self-absorbed, selfish, grown-up tantrum.

That isn’t what this article is about. That isn’t depression.

We can get depressed about circumstances beyond our control. Sadness comes to visit and doesn’t know when to leave. It is an annoying unwanted guest that we simply must tolerate and get through. This is often caused by the death of a loved one or some other such tragic event.

The depression I am speaking of is that cloud of darkness that can seem to swallow us for no apparent reason. Intellectually, and in our hearts, we acknowledge our blessings and our thankful but we cannot seem to shake a feeling of helplessness, doom and an overwhelming sadness. This is often brought on by a physical, chemical imbalance that is completely beyond our control and must be treated with medication.

I struggle with both of these to some extent. 

I am finally accepting the fact that I cannot “talk myself out of it” or “make up my mind” to feel differently. Mine is brought on by the stress of parenting a special-needs child and her behavior challenges. Also, I think when I finally make it to the doctor, I will find it is partly the result of a hormonal imbalance.

So how am I dealing with it? First of all, I take all thoughts captive for Christ. Meaning, I analyze the thoughts going through my head and determine if what I am thinking is among the first group I mentioned: my selfish pity party. If so, I repent and ask Jesus to help me not indulge myself in such thoughts. After that, I simply ask Jesus to help me roll with it. I take a deep breath and acknowledge that although I am abundantly blessed, I am going through an emotional patch that I cannot control. I surrender it to Jesus. I try to get more rest; I ask my parents to watch my daughter. I let Hubs in on it, so he can be aware in case I find myself snappy and irritable. 

Don’t believe the lie, that being a Christian means you can “live your best life now” if you just “believe” it or “speak it into your life”. That’s nonsense and a lie. We are going to have struggles and difficulties. We live in a fallen world; sickness is one of the results of sin entering the world. Not that those who are sick are so because of any particular sin they committed, but because this is a fallen world full of illness, injustice, pain and death. It is what it is and will remain so until Jesus comes. Mental illness is no exception. Hormonal imbalances are no exception.

We CAN control our sinful thoughts and attitudes. We cannot control certain circumstances or physical challenges. In those times we need to ask Jesus for help and guidance. Sometimes that help comes in the form of a lifestyle change, or medication, or therapy (I would not recommend going to a “secular” therapist, try and find a Christian though my experience has shown that is nearly impossible). Also, I have found memorizing joyful verses, as found in Psalms, can sometimes help keep our thoughts on “things above” and help us not to dwell on the things of this world. 

While we may not be able to control some aspects of depression, we do have some measure of control of how we respond to it. Sometimes, we just have to roll with it and surrender it to Jesus, but we must be very careful not to let it get the best of us and say or do things to hurt others or dishonor our Lord.


More Green Beans!

Well, we’ve harvested our final rows of green beans for this year. 

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

Having already canned 44 quarts of green beans from our small garden, the large one produced the above basket! But that isn’t all: realizing we are running dangerously low on jars, we filled two shopping bags full to give away to a couple of friends.

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

And since I’ve already canned 20 pints of pickles-more than enough for us-we also gave these friends some cucumbers.

We’ve also been blessed with an amazing crop of onions and sweet banana peppers….all of which I am freezing, but I must say, it is way more than we will probably need.

The soil here at Blessed Hope is amazing! We’ve used absolutely NO fertilizers, weed spray or insecticides on either garden.  

The Lord is truly blessing us with a bumper crop this year. If His blessings continue, we’ll have abundant corn, sweet potatoes, cushaw, butternut squash and tomatoes before too long as well.

How is your garden coming along?

How To Clip The Wings of Your Chicken

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Raising chickens is a relatively low-cost and trouble free way to provide fresh eggs or meat for your family. Right now when everything is fine they not only provide more nutritious and flavorful eggs for my home, but they are cheaper than store bought eggs as well. Should some disaster strike we would be able to rely on them for a source of food that with some attention and care could even be self-sustaining. I would just need to speak to the guy with the Rooster down the road and arrange some form of barter

The trouble free aspect of this is less of a hard and fast rule and more of a guideline. I say this because on most days you really don’t have to fuss with the chickens at all. We have feeders that hold enough food to last for about three days. I have…

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Summer treat, It has wings and Dollar

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

The flock loved a favorite summer treat!

The flock loved a favorite summer treat!

The chicken house-in-progress-has sprouted wings!

The chicken house-in-progress-has sprouted wings!

Beauty has begun riding lessons with an awesome organization called Hooves of Hope. This equestrian center offers “horse therapy” for special needs children. Beauty developed an interest in horses a few months ago, so when we learned of this organization we jumped at it. She is loving it and the instructors cannot believe she has no riding experience-not even a pony ride at the fair. The horses are specially trained to work with special kids and are so gentle. Here she is with “Dollar”, the blue-eyed horse.

Beauty and Dollar at Hooves of Hope

Beauty and Dollar at Hooves of Hope

Feeding Dollar a carrot

Feeding Dollar a carrot

Grooming Dollar

Grooming Dollar

I hope you are enjoying your summer!