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Proverbs 10:5

“He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame.”

Of Ants and Grasshoppers and Men

Many have heard of Aesop’s fable about an ant and a grasshopper. The grasshopper spends the summer having fun and not working. (My wife and I can understand that, as we both currently work in schools with summers off!) The ant works hard all summer saving up food for the winter months. When winter comes, the grasshopper is starving while the ant is thriving. Some versions show the message of grace by having the ant share some of its food with the grasshopper. (Darker versions only have the ant rebuking the grasshopper … who dies.)

The moral is that idleness and laziness can lead to ruin, but hard work pays off for tomorrow.

One of the problems of the so-called…

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Cushaw: Blessed Hope Farm 2014

Cushaw: Blessed Hope Farm 2014

We have a bumper crop of cushaw! 21 to be exact (plus one we gave away). They are from heirloom seeds purchased from Baker’s Creek, and grown completely organically with no fertilizers (apart from a tiny bit of chicken poop!) and no pesticides. I will bake, puree and freeze so we can have my favorite of all pies: cushaw pie! If you’ve never had cushaw pie, think pumpkin pie only cushaw tastes a bit milder. I bake it just as I would pumpkin pie. This pie never sticks around for long in this family, so I am tickled I’ll be able to freeze so much we’ll have plenty to last us through the winter and beyond.

We are still waiting on our tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

How’s your garden?

Use-by, Best-by, and Sell-by Food Expiration Dates

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By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

More than 90% of Americans throw out food prematurely, and 40% of the U.S. food supply is tossed out unused every year because of food dating.

Most people do not understand what ‘Use-by’, ‘Best-by’, and ‘Sell-by’ (so called ‘expiration’) dates really mean on their foods.

The fact that so much food is thrown out is stunning, and unbelievably wasteful…


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Pulling Weeds

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picklesA Pickles cartoon strip had the grandmother asking her husband, “You’re back so soon? I thought you were going out to pull weeds in the garden.”

“Yeah, I was,” he answered. “But I forgot something.”

“What did you forget, your work gloves?”

“No, I forgot how much I hate pulling weeds.”

The Bible says that God expects certain fruit in our lives, such as: love, joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). However, the previous verses talk about getting rid of some sinful actions that are part of our human nature. I suppose we could say that if we want to live fruitful lives, we have to weed out some sinful behaviors.

Sometimes we hate pulling weeds, but it has to be done.

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False Teachers Can Come in Very Pretty Packages

Below is a link to an article exposing Beth Moore as a false teacher.  I personally have never read any of her books or heard her speak. However, I’ve seen her face everywhere. Something (the Holy Spirit, perhaps) always told me to stay clear from her. If the author of the article speaks truth, and she does present a very believable, informative case, then I am glad I never got caught up in Ms. Moore’s teachings.

Decide for yourself. As always, be a good Berean and study the Scriptures for yourselves so you may discern false teaching when you hear/read it.

At what point does one declare a teacher like Beth Moore false? Here’s some help.

The 10 Most Nutrient-Dense Vegetables You Can Grow

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The 10 Most Nutrient-Dense Vegetables You Can Grow

By Tricia DrevetsOff The Grid News

Did your mother always tell you to eat your vegetables? Well, it might have felt like a punishment when you were a kid, but your mom was looking out for you. The more we know about nutrition, the more we know about the benefits of eating a diet that is rich in vegetables.

The Harvard School of Public Health, which recommends nine servings of vegetables and fruits each day, says that eating vegetables can reduce blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent certain types of cancer, reduce eye and digestive problems and keep the appetite in check.

When you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, you give your body the mixture of nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Many vegetables are high in potassium, which is important for maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Vegetables also contain essential…

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10 Weapons to Combat Yelling | 9. Choose Contentment

Below is an excerpt and link to a wonderful post reminding us to be content:

Have you ever wished for a bigger house, pretty clothes, a reliable vehicle, among other things? I have spent so much wasted time pining over material assets, though nice to have, in my life. When we first married, my shepherd built our home on a shoe string. The builders, however, made a mistake in the erection of the roof. So when it rained, it leaked almost everywhere. I did contemplate wearing a raincoat it was that bad. When it rained, I’d be up and down (most times through the night) emptying buckets, dishes, whatever would hold water. I so wished for a home without leaks. Continue to source

Hang in there…..

I realize I haven’t been posting much lately, but my laptop went kaput and God used that time to focus my thoughts on some exciting new projects.  I’ll be back posting-hopefully more than usual-before too long. In the meantime, if you haven’t already joined us on Facebook, head on over there now. Even when I am not sharing here, I am posting there. The Facebook page has more personal and extra fun stuff. I hope to see you there!

Farewell to Robin Williams: a thank you note

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Robin Williams died today.

It seems surreal to write that.

But since writing is the way I process the incomprehensible — I find myself writing.

Everyone is tweeting and facebooking and calling into radio shows about what a great talent Robin was.

Yeah. He was. But that wasn’t what I adored about him. It was the fact that he was an incredibly kind human being.

When I was 14 years old, I went on location to film Mrs. Doubtfire for five months, and my high school was not happy. My job meant an increased workload for teachers, and they were not equipped to handle a “non-traditional” student. So, during filming, they kicked me out.

It’s devastating, at 14, to have your formal education terminated. I felt like a freak and a reject. When I arrived at work the next day, Robin noticed that I was sad and asked me what was wrong. I…

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“The Future of America, Israel & the Middle East in the Light of Scripture.” Notes from my address to the Family Leadership Summit.

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(Source: Iowa State Daily)

(Source: Iowa State Daily)

(Ames,  Iowa) — It was an honor to be invited to speak at the 2014 Family Leadership Summit here in Ames, Iowa, and to spend personal time with many of the speakers and grassroots leaders who attended.

Most of the speakers were Governors, Senators, Congressman and potential presidential contenders. The covered a range of economic, social and foreign policy issues. I was specifically invited to speak about “The Future of America, Israel & the Middle East In Light of the Scriptures.”

The following are the notes I used for my address. I hope you find them helpful. Please feel free to pass them on to others, including leaders and future leaders. Note that this is not a verbatim transcript. But please feel free to watch or listen to my remarks, which were based on these notes.

Here is a link to the video of my talk, if you…

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