Get to Know Us

Let’s get the introductions out of the way, shall we?


Marcia Settles on

Meet Beauty, Buck and Hubs.

Beauty will be 10 soon. She is full of energy and enthusiasm. She loves to drive her granddaddy’s golf cart and play on the computer. She is our special learner.

Buck will be 4 this month. Where does time go? He is ALL BOY and thinks his dad is the greatest thing since Hot Wheels.

Hubs is a simple, blue collar fella who loves to hunt whitetail deer and collect authentic arrowheads. He also loves classic trucks.


Marcia Settles on

Here I am with Hubs. You’ll know more than you want about me soon enough. 🙂

Again, thanks for stopping by and as we say around here, ya’ll come back.



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