Our “Buck” Gets His First Buck!

Meet Buck, our vivacious, loveable almost four-year-old.

October 12-13th  was youth hunt, so Hubs decided our Buck was big enough to go whitetail hunting. Granted, the hunt did not take place at the Blessed Hope home, because we haven’t officially moved yet, but rather on the ten acres behind the house we presently live in. No matter. I scoured the state hunting guide to make sure we followed all regulations and off they went. Just before it was time for them to pack up and call it a day, out came a buck. For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, that is a male deer. With a little help from Hubs (Dad) in aiming, Buck took control of the gun and pulled the trigger. The rest, as they say, is history.

A prouder boy there never was. A prouder daddy there never was.  (smile)

Canned venison is great for use in chili, vegetable soup and stew. We ended up with 6 quarts of stew meat, two roasts and lots of breakfast steaks in the freezer. Now let’s see if Hubs can add to that in November!

Marcia Settles on piZap.com

Marcia Settles on piZap.com




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