A Totally Icky Problem

So. Monday, the downstairs toilet came up through the drain in the tub. To say we had a disgusting mess would be an understatement.

Yesterday, after using the snake, two bottles of Liquid Fire and some other septic system cleaner, we thought we had the problem, um, dissolved. This morning I went down stairs to a horrible smell. The toilet flushed fine, everything seemed to be in working order except for the smell. We figured it must be the remains of the solutions we poured down the pipes.

I went upstairs, took a shower, came back downstairs ready to give the tub another good disinfecting and found it full of water. Apparently, the water I used while showering upstairs, came up the drain of the downstairs tub. Yikes. Finally, a plumber was called. He is certain the septic tank is full. You see, the house sat vacant for almost a year before we moved in and we have no idea as to the history of the plumbing. So thank the Good Lord that today is a beautiful and unseasonably warm day because this is Hubs project for today:

digging a hole for sceptic tank Trying to find the lid to the septic tank so the experts can come in and pump it.

Praise the Lord again that my parents only live four houses down so we can go there to shower and whatnot until this problem is solved.

I’m sure the neighbors are wondering what in the world we are doing, digging a huge hole in our front yard. It’s just another unexpected adventure at Blessed Hope.


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