The GIft of Time

Linked below is a wonderful post, a reminder really, about how the most precious thing we can give our children (apart from knowledge of the Lord) is our time. Time. It isn’t so much about the quantity of time, though that is important, but the quality. As home school moms we spend a lot of time with our children, but is it time well spent? Meaning, does the time together extend beyond academics and create a loving, bonding relationship embraced by good memories. Many parents spend lots of time with their children, taking them on various outings and vacations but that time is laced with stress because of the priorities and attitude of the parents.

The author of the post makes a wonderful point: They are the only treasure that you may take with you to heaven.

Additionally, it is how they felt during this time together that shapes how they view themselves and you in the future. Don’t let their memories be, “Sure, Mom played a lot of tennis with me but I hated it cause all she did was correct me….the way I held the racket, the way I served, everything.”

When offering our children the gift of time with them, let’s be sure to always show them respect and consideration.


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