We finally “broke ground”

Last Saturday (3/22) we finally were able to plow up some ground for Blessed Hope Farm’s first garden.

March 22 2014 March 22 2014 2March 22 2014 3

We enlisted the services of our local doctor, friend and brother in Christ. He offered to plow it up for us using his tractor and plow, since we still haven’t purchased a plow to fit our little tractor.

March 22 2014 4 The kids loved playing in the gorgeous, freshly plowed dirt.

551 So did other members of our family. 🙂

547 The view from my bedroom window.

536 Meet Hubs and his 1950 Chevy Dump Truck.(It is his baby)

537 Meet JoJo, getting some attention and enjoying his chance to run around free.

552 Hubs and the kids decided to go for a ride in “the ol’ green truck”.

548 Later, they felt it was time to enjoy the fire pit.

Saturday was gorgeous, spring weather.

Here was my view yesterday, Tuesday March 25:

568 Gotta love it!

Thanks for stopping by, and stop by anytime!



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