Intentional Fun with Playdough

As I posted in the Home school Tab (above), we try to make everything we do here at Blessed Hope Farm serve multiple purposes.

Playdough is no exception.  Not only do the kids just love playing with it (I do too, I must admit), but it is so useful in teaching simple preschool skills:

using play scissors and other tools to cut and shape the dough (hand-eye coordination, motor skills)

identifying colors and even the colors resulting from smooshing all the colors into one ball (brown is the usual result lol)


spatial reasoning

sharing the tools and colors

All of these are great reasons to invest in some colorful Playdough (or make your own!), but one of my favorites is the sensory input it provides for Beauty. She is a sensory seeker, which means sometimes she requires pressure and deep massage. Rolling, smashing, and pounding the dough is an excellent way for her to get the pressure her arms seek.

Here she is using a  potato masher to apply pressure to the dough and make fun shapes. What are some ways you like to use Playdough?


Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm


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