DIY Brooder

We pretty much did the same thing!

Bittersweet Homestead

When we first decided to get chickens, we really wanted to buy them at an age where they didn’t need a brooder. But, since we could not find Dominiques older than 6 weeks anywhere, we settled on week-olds. This meant that we needed a brooder. I searched around on Pinterest and got an idea of what the chicks would need from their new home. My husband and I put the following together: a large plastic storage bin, pine shavings, a heat lamp, a mason jar waterer, a mason jar feeder, and a little DIY roost bar. We figured the plastic bin would be better than a cardboard box in regards to cleaning it out every few days and this has proved true. A Rubbermaid plastic storage bin can easily be found at a Wal-Mart or Target for roughly $10 (luckily, we had a empty one in our garage), the heating…

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