More Green Beans!

Well, we’ve harvested our final rows of green beans for this year. 

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

Having already canned 44 quarts of green beans from our small garden, the large one produced the above basket! But that isn’t all: realizing we are running dangerously low on jars, we filled two shopping bags full to give away to a couple of friends.

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

And since I’ve already canned 20 pints of pickles-more than enough for us-we also gave these friends some cucumbers.

We’ve also been blessed with an amazing crop of onions and sweet banana peppers….all of which I am freezing, but I must say, it is way more than we will probably need.

The soil here at Blessed Hope is amazing! We’ve used absolutely NO fertilizers, weed spray or insecticides on either garden.  

The Lord is truly blessing us with a bumper crop this year. If His blessings continue, we’ll have abundant corn, sweet potatoes, cushaw, butternut squash and tomatoes before too long as well.

How is your garden coming along?


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