5 Surprising Foods That Can Be Stored For Years


5 Surprising Foods That Can Be Stored Long-Term

By Beth McCall

When it comes to preparedness, food should be one of our top priorities. Stockpiling food is an option, but many people worry about the shelf life of certain products.

There are many foods out there that will last a long time, and some of those foods may surprise you.

1. Eggs

Eggs can be preserved in a way where they will be kept for as long as you need them. Dehydrating eggs is a possibility when looking for long-term egg storage. Dehydrating the eggs and sealing them airtight will allow them to last for years without any problems. All you have to do is dehydrate and store in an airtight container.

To dehydrate eggs, you will want to put fruit leather trays in your dehydrator. Next you will want to crack open your eggs and whisk them together. Make sure that you break the yolks up well…

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