Our Chicken House: The Reveal

The chicken house is finally done! There are a couple of little things yet to do, but the chicks are sleeping soundly in there for the first time tonight (Monday)!

First let me tell you a bit about the design. It is designed after the chicken house my grandparents used when my dad was a boy.  I think the story is, some fellow built it in the 30’s (my dad was born in the late 50’s) and there were only a handful made like it.

Here is a current picture of my granddad’s chicken house, in very worn-out condition, but still standing. The Historical Society wanted to put it on their protection list, but my grandfather said no. He doesn’t want people coming and going in and out of his back yard. I can’t say I blame him.

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

The chickens roost on the slats seen on the side, and thus poop out of it as well, making for a less messy inside. Blessed Hope Farm

The chickens roost on the slats seen on the side, and thus poop out of it as well, making for a less messy inside.
Blessed Hope Farm

Anyway, when I first mentioned I wanted to try my hand at chicken keeping, my dad offered to build me a house replicating the one from his childhood. Actually, it is a part of my childhood too. One of my earliest memories is it being full of chickens and I stuck my finger through a hole in the wall and a chicken pecked me. I was terrified. I got over it. 🙂

So, without further ado, here is our chicken house:

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

What do you think? Pretty close huh?

The hinges on the doors came from my grandfather’s old smoke house which was torn down this spring. The door latch on the front door is from the original chicken house. The main difference between this house and my grandfather’s is mine has a back door and his does not.

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

See the slats on the sides? The idea is that the chickens roost on the slats and poop out them.

Here is what it looks like on the inside:

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

The nesting boxes you see on the left are from the original chicken house as well. In this picture we are standing at the front door looking into the back door, cracked open. The back door will open into a fenced-in run, our next project. We also want to add more nesting boxes, probably along the right wall and on either side of the back door.

I cannot even begin to express how tickled I am with this! We have enough space for dozens more chickens. I just love it.

I am so thankful to my dad and husband for working so hard, and loving me so much, to build me my dream chicken house! Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary. The house was finished up by Hubs today. This is the best anniversary gift ever! 🙂

Thank you Dad, you’ll always be my hero!

Thank you, Hubs, you are my future and it is looking so bright!

You both worked really hard and I appreciate it SO MUCH!

*Buck and Beauty also had a hand in helping build this. I pitched in here and there as well. It was a wonderful family project.*


9 thoughts on “Our Chicken House: The Reveal

  1. Way cool! Do you have mild winters. I love the design and that you can clean from the outside, but would be concerned about winter weather???
    (Found you through Jes’s blog:)

    • I live in Ky and the winters are mostly mild, though every few years we’ll get hit with harsh cold and snow. I wondered about this myself. This is a copy of what my grandparents used for 20 plus years and they lived only 30 miles from where I am now….so I’m guessing it will be okay. I may have to develop a winter plan if we have another “polar vortex” like last year!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow! I’ve never seen a coop like it. What a neat design. From the chicken forums I’ve read, the chickens don’t seem to mind much even if the temp dips below zero.

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