Planning for the (Home)School Year

The 2014-15 school year will definitely be eclectic, but one that I anticipate will work well for us.

Beauty will be splitting her education between public and home school. She’ll attend the public school FMD unit for reading, writing, math, speech and OT. We decided today in our ARC meeting, in planning her IEP, that she will attend the local elementary school from 8 am until 11:30 am. The remaining subjects will be taught at home, by me.

I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel about this. 

When you have a nearly-eleven-year-old child that reads at a kindergarten level and tests at the level of a 4 year old in expressive and receptive language skills, you (at least, I) can feel a bit overwhelmed when home schooling. One cannot help but think, “She can’t read and everyone is going to think it is my fault.” Of course, that isn’t true. She spent enough time in public school to show she moves at her pace regardless of the teacher and techniques. She is who she is. But, it is nice to have a team of trained special education “experts” for the moral support as well as the load off my mind that it is, indeed, NOT my fault. 

But my heart for home schooling remains. I not only believe in it, I am passionate about it. The advantages are countless.

So you see why I feel really good about Beauty’s upcoming school year: it is, in my opinion, the best of both worlds. They give her the specialized attention in those core academic areas and I get to do everything else: Science, Social Studies/History, Art, Music, Computer, Life Skills and, most importantly, Bible and character training.

Beauty’s happy because she gets to feel like she has more independence (by going to the “big school”), without actually having it 🙂 *She must be supervised at all times, still, I’m sorry to report.

As for Buck, he will begin a much more scheduled and formal home “pre-school”. After checking out the list of 71 Things Your Child Needs to Know Before Kindergarten, and using it as a guide to assess his placement, I am anticipating that he will be ready to begin a Kindergarten curriculum in January. Maybe earlier; we’ll see how he progresses. He catches on to things quickly, so I am not at all worried.

Do you home school? Are you ready for the new year?


One thought on “Planning for the (Home)School Year

  1. I’m very excited to hear how she does! I completely understand those thoughts that others may think it is your fault. My 9 yr old reads at a high 1st grade level. She is a “right brained” learner and processes information differently. I’m always afraid when someone wants her to read them something because I know what they may be thinking.

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