Some of the chickens get a clipping!

Since putting up the fenced pen behind the chicken house, some of the chickens have literally been flying the coop! We didn’t mind this so much since they have such a large yard in which they could free-range and always came to their house at dusk. It became a problem, however, when they decided they loved eating cat and dog food. No joke, they would march right up to our dog’s bowl-with him sitting right there watching them-and help themselves! We tried hiding the bowl so it was not in their plain sight, but since our dog is tied to his house much of the day there were limited hiding spots, and they always found it. Brave little boogers! So, since they kept eating up all JoJo’s food, we knew we had to clip their wings so they could not fly over the fence of their pen.

After watching several how-to videos on YouTube, we thought we had the basics of wing clipping under control.

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

Blessed Hope Farm

Clip the first row of feathers on one wing, to make it “unbalanced” and unable to fly. (This does not hurt the chicken, by the way; it’s like clipping finger nails)

This was good enough for most of the birds.

Not “Elvis” though.

Elvis has left the coop!

Elvis has left the coop!

It took him a few tries, but he made it over the fence. “Solomon” too, a day or two later.

So, we have since clipped the feathers on the other wing as well. I know, every where I read and every video I saw said to only do one wing, but mine still flew. Until now. Since clipping both wings, Elvis has not left the pen. We just did Solomon today, so we’ll see how it works with him.


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