Our First Eggs and New Ladies

Well, since we bought the Buff Rock and Cuckoo Maran, my uncle gave us four more laying hens. One is full Brahma, two are BrahmaXDelaware and one is BrahmaXLeghorn.  They are still skiddish as they are adjusting to their new home, but I was able to get one decent picture:

IMG_20140930_072502_216 This is “Big Mama”, the full Brahma. In the back ground is the Brahma-Leghorn and the one eating is a Brahma-Delaware.  Big Mama is so fun to watch and does not take any bullying from the roos.

The really exciting news is we are beginning to get some eggs!

Here is a picture of the first two:

IMG_20140929_074046_879 The one on top is a “soft egg”. We’ve been told it is safe to eat, but we aren’t going to chance it just yet. The soft egg is either the result of a new layer, stress from the new environment or poor calcium. We think it is from stress.

So far this week we have five eggs plus two soft eggs.


None of the eggs are completely white and we are having a difficult time determining which egg goes with which hen. The cuckoo maran is supposed to lay chocolate colored eggs, but if the strain has been meddled with the eggs may come out lighter. So, that brown one may be hers or it could be she has not laid for us yet.  The others vary in size and shading of a cream, very light brown. The one on the top left is the largest and we think it came from the Buff Rock because I found a tiny peach feather stuck to it.

So, as of today, our laying hens include: 1 Buff Rock, 1 Cuckoo Maran, 3 Brown Leghorns (or maybe Welsummer), 1 Brahma, 1 Brahma-Leghorn and 2 Brahma-Delawares. If any of you experts want to take a gander (pardon the fowl humor) at which egg goes with which hen, I’d love it!

Thanks for stopping by!


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