Back “home”

Well, today was Beauty’s last day of public school. It had gotten to where she was only there an hour and for some reason it just was not working for her. We simply do not understand her mood swings. Her behavior can get rather extreme and then it leaves as quickly as it pops up.

So: it’s back to home schooling for us. She will continue to receive speech services from the public school, but other than that, she is done.  We believe it is for the best.

As it is, Fall Break is set for next week so I’ll be taking a few days to reboot and reorganize a school schedule that works for all of us, as well as plan out the next few weeks for her.

Meanwhile, I am still working on cushaw. I cut it in half, gut it, bake it in the oven, then scoop it out into the blender where I puree it. The puree goes into freezer bags. Two cups will make a delicious pie (think pumpkin only milder; better, if you ask me).

What have you been up to?


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