Home School Update and Music Monday

Last week was our first week back as a full-time home school, and I must say I was very pleased with how it went. Beauty worked hard for me and Buck remains enthused.

I incorporate the “Traffic Signal” technique to help Beauty stay focused and self-modify her behavior.

Web   I print this out and hang on the wall in the school room. Each child also has a picture of themselves on either side of the green light. If they struggle with attention and behavior, they move up to yellow as a warning. If the undesirable behavior continues, their picture moves up to red. With red comes a negative consequence. For Beauty this would mean so many minutes taken away from her golf cart driving time or losing the privilege of playing on her aunt’s tablet.  This works really well, as Beauty does not like to think she goes to yellow, let alone red.

Here is a look at today:

IMG_20141020_091455_625 Beauty using the interlocking letter cards to spell out this week’s spelling words.

IMG_20141020_094203_379Writing her spelling words 3 x’s each. This helps her learn to spell the words as well as practice her handwriting, as she tends to get a bit sloppy.

IMG_20141020_094504_528 Buck learning to write the letters of his name.IMG_20141020_094632_025

IMG_20141020_095224_349 “Up the ladder, down the slide and across the monkey bars”- Hey, whatever works!

While reading, writing, math, Bible and concepts are studied daily, each day of the week brings its own “Special” subject. Monday-Music, Tuesday-Art, Wednesday-Science, Thursday-Social Studies/History and Friday-Speech (for Beauty)

That makes today Musical Monday.

We come from a small, country church that is predominately acapella. We still sing the old hymns. Side Note: I’ll be starting a series on these old hymns soon! I come from a long line of “church singers”, song leaders, ministers and elders. Buck is already being groomed as a song leader Smile. This is our focus on Musical Monday. We are learning some of the favorite hymns from our church’s song book. Right now we are focusing on just the words and melody. When they are ready, we will break into music theory and reading the notes.


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