What to do with Halloween?


This time of year Christian bloggers like to toss around the horrors of acknowledging Halloween and how Christians should have no part of it.

I, for one, agree that children should not participate in activities which glorify (or even commercialize) evil: witches, black cats, ghosts, bloody characters, etc. and certainly should not dress up as evil characters. satan (the devil) is not a little red guy with a pointy tail and pitch fork. he is real. he is strong. he is not someone to play around it.

Having said that, what about trick or treating for the kids? They dress up in fun (not evil looking) costumes and gather candy from safe neighbors or store-fronts. Brother Bob Russell gives his two cents on the subject: ASK BOB: “Should Christians celebrate Halloween?” Give it a read and weigh-in! 🙂



2 thoughts on “What to do with Halloween?

  1. I LOVED it! Totally knew perspective!
    The only reason I don’t go out is because of all the fake spiders!! 😆 I have such a problem with those….working progress lol

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