Bring on the Candy

I took the kids trick or treating. Say what you will about Halloween, to my kids it is just a time to dress up as their favorite character and get candy.

IMG_20141031_172137_052 Here’s Dorothy Gale and Optimus Prime with a dear friend, neighbor and sister-in-Christ.

IMG_20141031_173329_957Treat bags from their Great Uncle, “Redbone”. (He’s my uncle, who gave us some hens)

IMG_20141031_173521_257A little snuggle time

IMG_20141031_183645_586At the home of one of our elders and his wife, who is also the kids’ Sunday school teacher. We hit the houses in this neighborhood. The kids thought they hit the jackpot which, candy-wise, they did. Smile

It was a cold, windy and rainy evening but we came home to a bowl of chili and some homemade hot chocolate.

Did you go trick or treating?


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