Wishing You a Merry (and HEALTHY) Christmas

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I was riding around town with my dad today when he decided to stop by his doctor’s office to pay a bill. His doctor shares a waiting room and admittance counter with the Urgent Treatment Center. Upon entering the waiting area, he says he was met with a room full of people wearing the white medical masks. When he approached the reception desk and told the lady he wanted to pay a bill she told him, “Unless you are sick, get out. Get out now or you will be sick. Call the billing department to make payment arrangements, just leave now.” While we kind of chuckled about the ordeal, it is really no laughing matter.

The local public schools were considering closing down for a day or two a couple weeks ago, due to so many kids having the flu. My sister tested positive for the flu, having had the shot I might add, and had to travel to a neighboring county to fill her prescription because our county was all out. It makes me even more thankful we are homeschoolers and thus a little more protected from the illnesses that sweep through the schools. Of course, my sister is not involved in the school system either.

Thing is, Beauty has been battling a slight stomach virus for the past two days and now Hubs has it as well. I am feeling weak, cold and dizzy but no other symptoms worth mentioning. I have fibromyalgia so I am accustomed to feeling badly and must be throwing up to know for sure that I am indeed sick. 🙂 Hubs is required by his employer to have a flu shot (he works for the local hospital conglomerate), but the kids and I have not had one. I’ve never had a flu shot, my entire adult life, and have had only suffered from flu-like symptoms twice in the past ten years, each only lasting no more than 48 hours. I’m not saying the kids and I will not ever get the flu, but it certainly seems every one I know that gets the shot ends up with it. I’m praying Hubs is the exception.

Anyway, here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas, and may God protect you and bless you with good health so you may adequately celebrate the arrival of Emmanuel!


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