New Girls and the Boys have a New Home…sorta

We took advantage of the gorgeous weekend and got a thing or two accomplished.

First, we bought seven new hens/pullets: 3 Barred Rock, 2 Easter Eggers and 2 Barnevelders. The Barnevelders are not yet laying but should be with in the next month; they are slower to mature than other breeds.

“Angel”, an Easter Egger. She has no tail feathers.

The Barred Rocks adjusted to their new home with grace and ease. The other four are a bit shyer but were out scratching with the others today. We’ve gotten one medium-sized brown egg a day from the Barred Rocks since Saturday. This afternoon I was super excited to find our first pretty Easter Egg!

We’ll be glad when winter is over (for many reasons) and we start to see more eggs. We intend to buy a few more Easter Eggers and also pick up some Cinnamon Queens and Buff Orpingtons from our local suppliers. This spring I will order some more white egg layers, probably Leghorns and Andalusians, and Joey wants a few black giant hens.

The second thing we got done….mostly….was we built a house and pen specifically for the roosters. We left the black giant in with the girls for protection. He’s the biggest of our roos, but he’s also the most gentle with the ladies and actually stands guard over them, as opposed to the others who are constantly looking for some rough action. The polish roo is staying with the girls as well, mainly because he is so small and gentle we are afraid the other roosters will hurt him if he’s left penned up with them. After building them a new house, we fenced in an area between the barn and the metal shed. We ran out of fencing, so we are not completely done. One side of the pen is 6 feet high and the other only four. They are flying out of the pen somehow, so we need to get that secured. We are hoping having all those roosters out of the hen house will lessen the stress on the girls and they will give us more eggs.

 20150116_161059Andy the black giant rooster

20150116_161353 20150116_161133 Ginger and Angel, Easter Eggers. 20150119_165236 One of them has already given us this gorgeous egg!

20150116_132753 One of three Barred Rocks. They, too, have laid for us.

20150116_132526 One of two Barnevelders. They are super shy and have not adjusted as easily as the others. They will not lay for another month probably. They are slower to mature. Gorgeous though, aren’t they?

Joey making walls for rooster hut Some friends had given us a cage-like coop last summer. It was framed with wood but the walls were chicken wire. Joey sawed up some scrap lumber and made walls. Then he took a spare piece of metal roofing for the roof.

20150116_160032Buck helped. Smile

completed rooster houseThe finished rooster hut. As I said, they are not used to it yet, but give them time.

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