Another Chicken-filled Weekend!

Hubs purchased seven more girls last Thursday. This time he got 2 buff orphingtons, 3 Easter Eggers and 2 sex-links. Friday and Saturday he was busy building a set of new nesting boxes. When we put it in the chicken house, the girls went nuts over it; three or four trying to crowd into one nest. It was a hit.

Our egg supply is starting to pick up, thank goodness, and we finally feel confident about advertising their sale. In fact, we’ve already had two customers! We are so grateful for them and for God’s blessings. He is Good!

20150130_155101 One of our new Easter Eggers.

20150130_155048A Buff Orpington.

20150130_155203“Melody” (sex-link). She is the friendliest chicken I’ve met. We named her thus because she follows me around, singing and talking. She has a twin sister, “Harmony”; who is friendly but not quite as musical and pet-like.

20150131_114226Here they are trying to crowd into the new nest boxes. “Andy”, their Black Giant protector rooster, took a look around as well and gave his approval.

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