Winter Arrives Mid-February and a New Address!

We have a new address on the web! And a new name! I finally settled on Blessed Hope Homestead. The word “homestead” evokes feelings of nostalgia, warmth and comfort. Our little haven until Jesus calls us Up. We are also now a dot com, in case you haven’t noticed. BlessedHopeHomedotcom

We’ve had a considerably mild winter here in Central Kentucky, until today. The weathermen predicted 10-15 inches for our area and it appears as though they will be correct when it is all said and done. Yesterday was sunny and clear. Today, several inches of snow.  Nearly everyone ran to the store yesterday for the necessary “bread and milk”, but we did not. Didn’t have to. I’m so thankful for our stocked pantry and the fact that for whatever reason we already had 2 gallons of milk in fridge. Good thing, too, as FB was blowing up with posts about the stores being out of everything.

After church yesterday, Hubs and I decided to take extra precautions with the girls and winterize the coop. We added tarp to the sides of the chicken house, where they usually roost, to block the wind and make it a bit warmer inside the house. We also added an aquarium heater to their water bucket. It is working really well and it is a relief to not worry about their water freezing.

In other news: We got 19 new girls over the weekend! While Saturday was Valentine’s Day for everyone else, it was my birthday. Yep, a Valentine Baby. And what wonderful gifts! 19 new girls, some flowers, candy and Hubs got me a certificate for a 60 minute massage. I am so looking forward to using that! He also put up shelves in our cellar (finally), increasing our pantry storage.

Cellar ShelvesThe shelves Hubs built for the cellar. 

 Snug as a BugThe tarp blocking the wind on the coop. They are snug as a bug inside.

Snowy backyard The chickens’ backyard. No one wants to play in all that white cold stuff!

Too much snow to go outside!They’ve decided to huddle up inside instead

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