Increasing Our Egg Supply

I must admit there for awhile we were becoming quite discouraged about our egg supply, or lack thereof. Sure, it was the dead of winter and it is common for the laying to lag during that time, but we figured 18 hens should have given us more than 1 or 2 eggs every other day! So, we took action and figured out ways to increase our egg supply.

Here is how we went from this:




Most of these are no-brainers, but remember we are learning as we go 🙂

1. The most obvious way to increase our number of eggs was to increase our flock of laying hens. Duh. We’ve gone from 18 to 45 hens.

2. Kicked most of the boys out. We did this rather early. Nine roosters with 18 hens did not make for happy girls. They were stressed out from all the attention! So we kicked six of them out, leaving 3 with 18. Along the way we have bought two more roosters for breeding purposes. So, we have five roosters in with 45 hens. Much better ratio. Oh, and the other six roosters? They have their own home and pen now, waiting for mating season to begin (which is determined by us):)

3. Let there be light! We added a light set to a timer to come on around 2:30 am. This gives them a longer “day” and really helped with the laying.

4. Fermented feed. I give them a big bowl of fermented feed a day. This is super healthy for their digestive systems and overall well-being. They love it and, as we know, healthy hens are happy hens and happy hens lay eggs!

So, that’s it. That is what has taken us from 1-2 eggs every other day to 1-2 dozen a day. And it is still winter! I wonder how it will be this spring?

BTW: Check out our new Photo Gallery in the tab above! We’ve featured all our girls. Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Increasing Our Egg Supply

    • Wow thanks for the tip! That reminds me, we also added a ever present supply of oyster shell for them to eat at their leisure. We dont drink coffee but I’m sure I can find people willing to donate theirs. Thanks again!

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