All Cooped Up

As half of the country is still battling winter, we in Kentucky are right there with you. Two weeks ago we were hit with over a foot of snow and just when it all melted, last Thursday brought us another 12+ inches. But, this is Kentucky so all we have to do is wait a day or two and the weather will change. This week we are expecting high 50’s and even some 60’s. It’s a wonder we aren’t all sick.

Anyway, all this snow has meant the chickens have not been able to peck around outside the coop.

Snug-as-a-Bug_thumb.jpgWe added the tarp to the sides to help block the wind and snow.   Snowy-backyard_thumb.jpg This is their back door.

We finally shoveled them a small area in which to stretch their legs, but it is not the same.

Too much snow to go outside! Too much snow to go outside. They don’t like the cold white stuff!

barred rockA little patch cleared out the back door was enjoyed by some, but this Barred Rock preferred to stay inside.

All this being cooped up in the, well, coop has made for a dirty (and stinky) home. We make a point to clean the coop once a week and change the bedding. They get so excited when we do this. They know what we are doing and love it.

Last week we put down a new bale of straw and they went nuts over it! There were grains of wheat mixed in the straw and boy did they go to town gobbling up the kernels. We had the nest boxes all nice and clean with fresh straw and they just scratched it all out, getting to the wheat. 🙂

nuts over straw

Chickens are just plain fun and delightful to watch.


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