It’s Time to Take a Stand!

brandon andress

This is a story of two homeowners and their two different outlooks on life.

The first homeowner lived in a neighborhood that was quite old and had seen generations pass in and out of the homes. While they once stood together in newness and promise, each governed by the agreed-upon neighborhood covenants to keep the neighborhood looking nice to maintain their value, times had changed. Decade upon decade of wear and tear and neglect had taken it’s toll.

The neighborhood covenants had been long since forgotten, or not even really known, by the majority of those who lived in the neighborhood. And as a result, the neighborhood deteriorated.

The first homeowner was living in a house that had been handed down for several generations. He knew intimately the neighborhood covenants that governed the neighborhood and he burned with anger how his neighbors were either ignorant, or intentionally neglectful, of the…

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