Dying Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

The internet is full of fun ways to decorate your eggs for Easter and this is one of them.

Take a pan-we used a disposable aluminum casserole pan- and squirt about an inch worth of shaving cream inside, making sure it is smoothed out evenly. Add a few drops of food coloring. The kids chose two colors each because we thought more than that would end up bleeding together and making an ugly brown. Use a toothpick to swirl each color independently. Roll the egg in the mixture until fully covered in the colored, swirly shaving cream. Set aside and allow to “dry” for several minutes. When you think it has sat long enough, wipe away the shaving cream with a paper towel and voila! Beautiful marbled Easter eggs!

*Note, the food coloring WILL dye little (and big) hands so wear gloves if you want to avoid that. Also be careful of getting it on clothing. **Note, I blew out the eggs before decorating. I recommend this if you want to keep them long-term. Otherwise, hard boil them.

dying eggs dying eggs 2 Dot the shaving cream with food coloring

dying eggs 3 dying eggs 4Roll the egg in the cream, making sure to get both colors

dyed eggs in basketA nice marbled, tie-dyed effect

The kids and I really enjoyed this process and the finished product. What’s your favorite way to dye eggs?


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