It’s Chick Season

With the Easter season comes baby chicks. Lots and lots of cute baby chicks! Just please remember, that baby chick is a commitment, not a toy for an Easter basket.

Anyway, we’ve added several chicks to our flock this spring. We have Rocks, Welsummers, Leghorns, a black breed yet to be determined and I forget what else. 🙂 We also have some bantams for the first time! Bantams do not get very big and can be a variety of breeds. We know for sure we have some bantam cochins among our littles, and cannot wait to figure out the breeds of the other cute chicks.

chicks chatting

Blessed Hope Homestead

See the bantam on the right? So cute!

In other news, Joey has a groupy!

He was just standing in the coop when an orpington hen decided his shoulder looked like a good place to roost.

joeyorp       joeyorp2 Here she is trying to give him a peck on the cheek! What can I say? He has a way with blondes 😉


2 thoughts on “It’s Chick Season

  1. I worry every year about Easter purchases of chicks and rabbits, but also about new backyard enthusiast who will get tired of the work and want to dump their chickens. If we don’t have enough cats and dogs in shelters we are now adding chickens.

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