Out with the old and in with the NEW

Hat tip to Gary Followell for the beautiful picture.

Hat tip to Gary Followell for the beautiful picture.

What I am about to write may surprise some of you; especially if you know what this site is about, which is Jesus and awaiting His return. Anyway, just a cursory glance at this site would give you the clue that I am a Christian. Well, guess what:

I recommitted and was re-baptized on Sunday!

Why? Was I uncertain of my salvation? Not really. As usual, it’s complicated.

The short version is: it is between Jesus and me. He knows the stirrings I’ve had of late and how I am sure they were from Him. Those of you who know my position on the headcovering and how I came about that conclusion should know that I don’t do anything on a whim. Lots of time is spent praying, studying and reflecting. This is no different.

The longer version:

I repented, confessed and was baptized when I was eleven. I was raised in a Christian home from a long line of preachers and elders. My cousins and church friends were being baptized. I remember feeling embarrassed when they went forward and I didn’t, so I told my dad on the way to the baptism that I too wanted to be baptized. When he asked me the questions about believing in Jesus, who He is, what He did etc I answered truthfully. My eleven year old self believed what my mind could comprehend at the time. Mostly though, looking back, what I truly believed was: the adults in my life were telling me the truth. I had no reason to doubt them. My guess is, this is true for so many who become Christians at a young age.

I’m not saying that baptism and commitment to Jesus by youngsters is invalid. I’m not saying only adults can make such decisions.

What I am saying is, I wanted to repent, confess and be buried with Him in baptism as an adult who has lived a little while and fully understands what she is doing. I am no longer taking my parents’ word for it! I know that I know that I know that Jesus is Lord and tonight, when I rose out of that watery grave, I arose a new person. Throwing off the old and putting on the new.

I commit myself to Him and His work. Casting my cares upon Him, I commit to taking up my cross and dying to self so I may have abundant life in Him.


4 thoughts on “Out with the old and in with the NEW

  1. Congrats! I was baptized as a baby but when I became Born Again several years ago I wanted to and was rebaptized.

  2. I understand. So many children get baptized, and then, when they go to high school and onto university, they “lose their faith.” They didn’t lose it, they never had it. Unless you can truly understand sin, and the need to repent, you can’t really be saved from it. I do know some kids that have truly been born again quite young. But, they are rare. One of my own daughters, told me at the age of 21, that she never really “got it” before.

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