Well now this is different! Hubs is the only one who likes tomatoes, so we won’t be growing but a couple of plants this year; just enough to make some sauce. Will you try this?

Lacewings and Ladybugs

Tomatoes on dashboard of truck

By Christine Markel Lampe

Photo Caption:  Dehydrating cherry tomatoes and larger tomatoes on the dashboard of our truck.

Are you starting to be inundated with tomatoes? Looking for a way to preserve them? Dehydrating them is a great way to deal with them without having to buy a lot of jars, they take up less room than canned tomatoes, and I’ve got a way that doesn’t even use any electricity as opposed to an electric dehydrator. Just use your dashboard.

Cherry Tomatoes

Wait for when the weather forecast predicts at least two hot (90 deg. plus) sunny days in a row. It needs to be at least this hot so the tomatoes are dried enough by the end of the first day they will not get moldy overnight waiting for the next day to finish drying. If it is hot but…

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