Following Jesus when the list is undone 

The Beautiful Ordinary

It’s really easy, as a homeschooling mom of six busy kids and as the wife of a busy pastor working two jobs and needing me to take the lion’s share at home, to look at my full plate and decide it’s full enough.

And that’s what I’ve always done. Family has had the top slot on my priority list, as it should.

It has also had the only slot. There was no time or energy for any other additions to the list. Right?

But now, when my household duties are more time-consuming than ever (Have you ever tried to keep up with the laundry for eight people?) and my homeschooling job is more challenging than ever (Some of what Abigail will be doing in 7th grade are things I never learned in college) and parenting just takes every ounce of energy I have on most days (There are six of…

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