Principal Spices: all-natural bath and body products you’ll love!

My lovely friend has opened a new Etsy store with products I know you will love as much as I do!

First, let me just say this lady and I have been online friends for at least 7 years and we finally met for the first time on Friday! All those years of chatting, first on Myspace then on Facebook and email, established a strong bond of friendship between us. She lives in a different state but it just so happened she was passing by my way this weekend and so stopped in to visit in person for the first time ever. I have to say, that bond of friendship resulted in the most relaxed first meeting I’ve ever had. It seemed so natural to have her here, as if my sister was visiting. That is really what she is, a sister in the Lord. I don’t know when or if we will get to see each other again, but I am so grateful and feel so blessed by this visit.

Anyway, she brought me some samples of products in her new Etsy store and I must say she has some fabulous products! Her Gardener’s Hand Scrub is ideal for rescuing your hands from all that garden work or bean-breaking. She also offers a milk bath, a foot soak and much more all natural and with essential oils which smell SO GOOD! Check out her shop, Principal Spices.

Oatmeal Shower Bag; actual product photo from shop.

Oatmeal Shower Bag; actual product photo from shop.


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