A Battle for Our Homes

I saw the following article on Facebook just now and had to share it here.

There is indeed a cosmic, spiritual battle being waged against Christians and one of the ways the enemy (satan) attacks is by attacking our homes: our families.

I pray that everyone reading this will have a family in which the husband takes seriously his role to protect and guide his family-especially in spiritual warfare. I also pray that wives do NOT allow the enemy to use her in tearing down her home. This can come in the form of allowing our emotions to rule our thinking and actions, feeling the need to nag our husbands and/or children and through emasculating our husbands by belittling or second guessing his God-ordained leadership. May we never do these things, for when we do we are a pawn of satan.

Instead, we need to pray for our husbands and children. We need to trust God to work in our lives as only He can. We need to hand over our worries to Him. We need to study His word and apply it to ourselves. Do all things without grumbling and

complaining for a gentle and quiet spirit is beautiful in God’s sight.



The Reality of Spiritual Warfare in the Home

please consider taking the time to read the linked article.


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