Budget Pantry Addition and More Harvesting

You can fill your pantry on a budget! I was able to add to the frozen section of my pantry this week by nabbing some good deals at Aldis.

They had two heads of broccoli, two pounds of carrots and a bag of seven or so red onions for .99 a piece.


I chopped them all up and tossed them in the freezer. They are ready to be tossed in soups and stews this winter.


See the chopper in the picture above? Found it at a yard sale this summer for $3, and it comes with several attachment/slicer sizes. Only $3 gave me two quarts each of broccoli, carrots and onions.

Aldis also had a large package of chicken legs on sale for .99/pound. I nabbed that to fry some this week and freeze the rest. (I know, we have all these chickens yet I still buy chicken to eat. Hubs is dealing with his sentimental tendencies.)

The most budget friendly way to stock your pantry, though, is to grow it yourself! We finished harvesting all but the sweet potatoes left in the garden.


2 zucchini, 12 pumpkins, 6 cushaw and 4 watermelons. Everything but the watermelon will be canned or frozen. The scraps will be enjoyed by the chickens.

Do you have a pantry?  What are your tricks and tips to filling it?

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4 thoughts on “Budget Pantry Addition and More Harvesting

  1. I like to buy in bulk, and can a lot too. The fuller your freezer is, the more efficiently it will operate. I always get the limit of what I know I will use for sure when shopping at the big box stores. For example, I have a thing for V8 juice, and it is on sale this month at Costco, limit two cases. Since I know I will use all of it, (I have an icy cold can of it every night during my bubble bath) I buy both cases. The initial expense of it is high, but it is necessary to my well-being, and saves a LOT of money down the road (and I think it prevents wrinkles!) It’s the same with cat litter. It won’t ever spoil, I have two cats, and when litter goes on sale, I get the limit.

    Aldis is wonderful for small purchases of sweet peppers, and other very perishable stuff that you need to keep on hand.

  2. I love Aldis. I have to drive an hour to get to a Sam’s Club. We don’t have Costco in my area, that I’m aware of. Thus, I make do with sales and Aldis , adding to my pantry a little at a time. Doing little things, like freezing a bag of carrots make a difference. My favorite thing to do is to buy a large bag of dried beans and can them; sometimes I’ll season them and can bean soup, other times I just can them for when I need a jar of pinto beans or whatever. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it so much!

  3. Great ideas! I am working on restocking our pantry right now too as we were out all summer. Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! 🙂

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