Asperger Experts

Founded by two young men who have Asperger, Asperger Experts seeks to help families struggling with a loved one who faces the scary world of Asperger. Now, Beauty has not been diagnosed with Asperger or any form of Autism. I’ve had two teams of “experts” vehemently declare she is not autistic in any form. However, she does struggle with many of the same challenges and characteristics.

To say we have struggled with motivating her to do most ANYTHING other than what she considers fun and “safe” would be an understatement. We have trouble getting her to dress properly, wash her hair, fix her hair, brush her teeth, do school work, reading aloud, writing, keeping her hands to herself, following directions…the list goes on and on.

I signed up for Asperger Experts’ FREE webinar, which I hope gives me the answers we’ve been seeking for YEARS but have not gotten because she is not considered autistic. Seriously folks, she gets speech therapy at the public school but beyond that we’ve been told everything is the result of her “MR” diagnosis (mental retardation, unspecified, and YES they use that term) and so “good luck with that”. Honestly, it is as if you show the slightest bit of intelligence to these so-called experts they automatically assume you got it covered and don’t really need their help.

Anyway, check out their site. I am super excited about the webinar and am praying earnestly that we learn some effective skills to help motivate Beauty and help her blossom.


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