A Short Walk Around the Barnyard

Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn (Cockerel)-app. 8 months; look at the waddles!


Polish Cochin Frizzle

Polish-Cochin Frizzle-she’s a sweetie


Barred Rock Roo

Barred Rock Cockerel-another sweet tempered fella (so far). Directly behind him is a Bielfelder hen. The white is a Brahma hen and in far background is a Comet and a New Hampshire Red.


Rose-comb Brown Leghorn cockerel appr. 8 months. Gorgeous isn’t he?

Lavender Orp

Orpington pullet. Her parents are both jet black Orpingtons, so one of them must have a blue gene somewhere down the line. As far as we know, she isn’t laying yet. The black head on the left is her sister (hatched same time, same parents)


Here is the daddy of the two pictured above. Black Orpington, “Lord Byron”. He is very sweet and gentle (like a poet) yet he is the alpha roo in the main chicken house. He is very good at his job and all the hens and roosters alike respect him.

The “teenagers”, meaning the chicks we hatched this summer, have been “growing out” in pens in the barn. Today we decided to open the doors and let them into the yard for the first time. Because they have been enclosed or penned their entire lives, it took quite a bit of persuading to get them to come out. Most of them never ventured outside the barn! Some would leave their pen only to dart into the next pen. They will get used to it though.


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