First Swap of 2017 2/18

Cuckoo Marans Hen

Several vendors selling chickens, rabbits, goats and even puppies.

Even Dougie enjoyed himself.

Red Orpington Roo made his way home with us.

Red Orpington hen, too. There is another one aswell.

Red Orpington trio

And Hubs could not resist bringing home “Fred”. He reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit, and he is just as soft.


First day of school

Today is our first day of the homeschool year.

It’s amazing how much we can do in a short time.

Being Monday,  today’s special is music .

The kids really enjoyed their lesson on Pitch. 

When does your school begin? 

Silver Spangled Hamburg and Buttercup

Mystery Bird, we think it came out of the Easter Egger bin at Southern States,  but it doesn’t have much in way of muffs.


Next is a Silver Spangled Hamburg pullet. When she gets bigger her tail will spread open like a fan.


Finally we have a Buttercup pullet and cockerel.



These will be bred next spring.

Beautiful aren’t they?

Garden finally planted!

Due to several wet weekends we are just now getting out garden out. This year we planted all Non-GMO seeds/plants from a local family -owned seed store, Mozybeau Farms.


Green beans, corn, pumpkin, cantaloupe,  watermelon and tomatoes.

Do you raise a garden?  How is it coming along?

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10 Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes (Video)


(N.Morgan) One of the things that can ruin a nice summer day or evening are Mosquitoes.

The annoying buzzing around and awful bites that leave you with an itchy trail of discomfort.

In this article, we will discuss 10 plants you can grow that naturally repel Mosquitoes and can make your summertime fun more enjoyable.

As we know it is that time of year again – mosquito time!
Chances are, you have heard of many of the plants that naturally repel mosquitoes and many pests.
And, best of all, they can be found at your local nursery.
Using plants to deter pesky insects is an easy, safe and natural alternative to store-bought sprays and chemicals.

1. Citronella
This is one I think everyone is familiar with.
Citronella should be planted outside after your last frost.
If you are planting in pots, you can move it outdoors to your porch so it…

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