Ginger Tea-I need to give this a try

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Breed of the Week-Ancona


The Ancona breed is named for a town in Italy. Sometimes confused with the mottled Leghorn  (I made this mistake myself), it is often considered a type of Leghorn, but alas it is its own breed. It is one of the few breeds that can have two different comb varieties: single or rose comb. We have the single comb.

Anconas are gentle, yet can be a bit skittish. They can also be flighty and prefer to forage. I have observed the rooster to be protective of his hens, yet submissive to man.
Our pullet just began laying and we will begin to collect her eggs for hatching in about 2 weeks. She lays a medium white egg and the breed averages 200-270 eggs/year.

Our first swap as sellers

Well we attended our first chicken swap as sellers and were all sold out within 20 minutes! 
We sold some “extras” that were just using up feed. Here are some of what we sold:

Black Giant rooster
Red Leghorn roo
A pair of mottled Cochin
And some mixed roos.
Tuesday we will start collecting eggs for the incubator. Most of those chicks will be sold, hopefully.
Now I just need to focus on garden preparations! Time rolls on….

Winter Arrives

With a whimper, but it is here all the same.

Finally received our first skiff of snow of the season. As you can see in the pic, the barnyard is empty. The chickens aren’t sure they like that white stuff.