Our Chicken Breeds

Hubs has worked hard giving us a wide assortment of chicken breeds. Our breed pairs will be mated, hatched and sold when they reach an appropriate age.

Our full grown breeds include:

Rhode Island Red, Red Sex-link, Comet, Black Star, Jersey Giant, Easter Eggers, Buff Rock, Buff Orpington, Barnevelders, Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte, Black Copper Marans, Mottled Cochin, Bielfelders, Lakenvelders, White Rock, Barred Rock, Brahma and Brown Leghorn.

Our pullets and cockerels include: Ancona, Blue Andalusian, Mille de Fleur bantams, Old English Game, Golden-laced Seabright, Silver-Laced Seabright, White Leghorns, White Rocks, Welsummer, Silver Leghorn, Silver Spangled Hamburg, Porcelain d’Uccle bantams.

As I said, we hope to extend our service by not only providing fresh eggs but also quality young hens and roosters.


broodyleghorn_thumb.jpgThis brown leghorn is our first to go broody

20150516_162441.jpg“Ma” and “Pa” Cochin

joeyorp2This sweet Buff Orp decided to perch on Hubs’ shoulder and give him a kiss.  IMG_20140927_183742_824Buff Rock. The way to tell the Buffs apart is the Buff Rock has yellow legs while the Orpingtons have white.


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